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Werstahl Solar Water heaters, are produced in Greece, under strict standards and quality control. They follow the ISO 9001 Guidelines, are CE and Solar Keymark Certified.

Every Werstahl solar water heater, is thoroughly tested during and after production, to ensure maximum endurance and efficiency. Specificaly, each boiler tank is tested in 15bar pressure and each solar collector is being pressurized up to 12bar.

As a reassurance that you are purchasing a high quality product, we offer 5 years full warranty, covering everything that could ever happen to a solar system.

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Technical Specifications & Dimentions


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  Solar Water Heater Types

Werstahl Solar water heaters come with two types of boilers, one that utilizes two energy sources and one that utilizes a third alternative source:

  • Double energy: This type of solar system, produces hot water by utilizing the energy of the sun and also by the use of an electric heater, for the days that are very cloudy and the solar energy is not efficient.
  • Triple energy: This type of solar water heater, has the ability to utilize a third energy source, through the use of an extra heat exchanger inside the water tank. This extra energy source could be a gas or oil boiler, a heat pump, a wood burner or anything similar.



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