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Werstahl produces all kinds of boiler tanks and buffers. Bellow you will find analysis if their technical characteristics and dimensions for all the available models.

Our products are produced following the ISO9001 guidelines and are CE and SolarKeymark certified. All our solar systems and their separate parts (boiler tanks, buffers, solar collectors) come with 5 years full warranty.

Boiler tanks for solar water heaters

These boilers are meant to replace broken boilers of old solar water heater systems.

solar water heater boiler specifications 2

They come in two types:

  • Double energy: Utilize the energy of the sun and also can use an included 4kw electric heater if needed.

  • Triple energy: Have the additional ability to connect to a third energy source like a heat pump, oil or gas boiler heater etc. This way, hot water is produced at the cold winter days, when there is no sun, but the building's central heating is working.

   Werstahl's triple energy boiler tanks, uses a 9m long enameled steel pipe of 35mm diameter, as a heat exchanger.


Floor standing boiler tanks

These boiler tanks are meant to be placed inside boiler rooms, for connection with multiple sources.


They come equiped with one or two enameled coil heat exchangers for connection with solar collectors placed on the roof, and an altrnative heat source, placed inside the same boiler room. The can optionaly use an electric heater.

Werstahl boiler tanks, are made under the highest standards, according to DIN4753 & EN12897 and follow all the international sanitary regulations.

Technical Specifications

  • Aesthetic PVC jacket with color RAL 9006 with foam thermal insulation.
  • Highly efficient polyurethane thermal insulation
  • Thermometer
  • Anode protector (DIN 4753-6)
  • Electric heating element (optional)
  • Water tank of low-carbon steel
  • Titanium enamel (DIN 4753-3)
  • Inspection opening with flange cover
  • Thermostat with integrated thermal protection
  • 8 bar Safety valve

Available Models: 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 litres



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