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Pellet water stove, from 15kw to 27kw. Connects with the heating system of the house and functions as a boiler. (Also features an air motor to optionaly distribute hot air in the room)

  • Small dimentions for placement inside the house.
  • 25kg of pellet capacity.
  • Easy removal of the ash tray.
  • Electronic control board.
  • High efficiency
  • Clean operation with very little ash deposit and smoke production.
  • Automatic operation according to the attached room thermostat.
  • Very low consumption

Contains a circulator pump, safety valve, expansion tank and air motor.

Comes with a 5 year warranty for the stove parts and 2 year warranty for the electric and electronic parts.

Also has a remote control

Technical specifications - pellet water stoves

Nominal Power
18kw 21kw 27kw
54,8cm 55,5cm 60,5cm
Height  106,5cm 107,5cm 107,5cm 113,4cm
58,1cm 58,3cm 62,1m
Maximum power 15,0kw
18,0kw 21,0kw 27,0kw
Minimum power  3,5kw 3,5kw 3,5kw 5,1kw
Water output 11,8kw
14,5kw 17,1kw 22,7kw
AIr output
 3,2kw 3,5kw 3,9kw 4,3kw
Water capacity
20,0lt 22,0lt 26,0lt
Consumption  0,7 - 2,9kg/h
0,7 - 3,5kg/h 0,7 - 3,9kg/h 1,0 - 5,3kg/h
Net weight 160kg 165kg 173kg 184kg
Smoke outlet 80mm 80mm 80mm 100mm
Pellet tank  25kg 25kg 25kg 30kg
Electrical 220 - 240V/50Hz
220 - 240V/50Hz 220 - 240V/50Hz 220 - 240V/50Hz
Maximum smoke temperature 220 C
220 C 220 C 220 C
Minimum smoke temperature  105 C
105 C 105 C 105 C
Heating space 110 s.m.
120 s.m. 130 s.m. 160 s.m.
up to 31 hours up to 31 hours up to 31 hours up to 30 hours
Efficiency 89,5% 89,5% 89,5% 89,5%
Water connection
3/4'' 3/4'' 3/4''
Fuel  Wood Pellet
Wood Pellet Wood Pellet Wood Pellet


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