About us

Werstahl was founded in 2014 with the aim of designing and manufacturing solid fuel heating appliances, by Petros T. Spiropoulos. Over the years, the company has expanded to include solar systems, and in the current era it is following the latest technological developments in the field of energy saving systems.
We offer solar heating systems, hot water use, as well as heating with biofuel Pellets, wood, pellets. We also have a very generous range of energy-efficient radiators.

In addition to our own manufactures, we import directly from many companies in Europe (Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc.) and Asia (always certified and certified products) always giving us specifications and engineering designs of the kinds that We introduce with the result that we have the best value for money, but also a fully controlled final product.

The company's headquarters are in Patras, at Ag. Ioannis Pratsika 60, with privately owned facilities of 2,500m2, but we also have warehouses in Magoula Attica.


If you want more information on our products, contact us:

Ag. Ioanni Pratsika 60, Patras
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